Natalie Zutter

Natalie Zutter

If kid-me could see me now...

Geek girl, playwright, foodie, tennis player. Currently writing for and working on plays about sex, superheroes, and fandom. I read 52 books in 2014 and am aiming to do the same this year!

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Don’t Let Fifty Shades Of Grey Ruin All Erotic Fanfiction For You! Here Are 5 Fics That Don’t Suck

Several of my blogger friends have directed me to r...

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Nathan Fillion Needs Someone To Play Nathan Fillion In Castle‘s Firefly Parody

Castle 5x07 will parody Firefly by having Rick Castle meet Gabriel Winters, himself a spoof of Nathan Fillion....

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Let’s Give All The Candy Canes To Whoever Thought Up This Hunger Games/Mean Girls Mash-Up Tumblr

God bless the internet for bringing us Mean Girls of Panem, a Tumblr that matches Tina Fey's quotable film with...

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‘The Chronicles of Rick Roll’: Elaborate Internet Prank or Legitimate Movie?

The full-length trailer for NURV's feature film The Chronicles of Rick Roll was released today, and hoo boy is it...

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SNL‘s ‘Lazy Sunday 2′ Is Older, Wiser, And Just As Insanely Quotable As The Original Digital Short

It's been 7 years since Andy Samberg and Chris Parnell went to see The Chronicles of Narnia, but they're just...